Haveli Blocks @ Bastora, Panjim, GOA.


PROJECT – Haveli Block (Holiday Homes) @ Bastora, GOA

CLIENT – Mr. Amit Bhardawaaj

DURATION – July 2014 (Conceptual)

GENERAL DESCRIPTION – 20000 Sq ft. of plot Area , with four building blocks and a lush green garden and an individual plunge pool with each Haveli Block. Located at a serene and peaceful setting of Bastora, Panjim. Building includes a ground floor plus two stories, with a grand hall space on the ground floor and 3bhk layouts on the upper two stories. Elevation is evolved with a use of lattice work , mostly the plan extrusion . Use of four different tone of sandstones on each Haveli Block makes it a unique place to stay @ Goa.

RESPONSIBILITIES – Conceptual Design , Space Planning , Presentation Coordination with consultants, Revit Modeling , Design Detailing and Site Trips.

Shaunak Singh_Haveli Block

Shaunak Singh_Haveli Block


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