“Chatvaari Arya Satyani”- I

chatvaari arya satyani -1

© Shaunak Singh “Sarvanaam”  2013
“The Truth of Dukkha.” The dukkha of conditioned states, ordinary suffering and change.

  • Arcrylic and oilpastels on paper.
  • Size – 24″x18″

The emphasis on dukkha is not intended to be pessimistic, but rather to identify the nature of dukkha, in order that dukkha (or suffering) may be overcome. The Buddha acknowledged that there is both happiness and sorrow in the world, but he taught that even when we have some kind of happiness, it is not permanent; it is subject to change. And due to this unstable, impermanent nature of all things, everything we experience is said to have the quality of dukkha or dissatisfaction. Therefore unless we can gain insight into that truth, and understand what is really able to give us happiness, and what is unable to provide happiness, the experience of dissatisfaction will persist.

Shaunak Singh.


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